Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brady Bands aka The Bomb Diggity

Ever since I have been working out-heck ever since I have been in charge of my own hair-I have been on the lookout for a headband that WILL. NOT. SLIP.

This is a hard commodity to come by.  I cannot stand to have my hair in my face and likewise cannot stand to wrestle with a headband that keep richocheting off my head like a rocket or puddling around my neck.  I've tried cloth ones, elastic ones, plastic ones, ones lined with "non-slip" grip-lies I tell you, all lies!  Either my hair is the slipperiest stuff in the world or I really work my follicles when I exercise.  Or breath.

Well two of my favorite bloggers- Mama Laughlin & Skinny Meg -recommended similar style headbands and swore by them so I decided to give them a chance.  Mama Laughlin swears by Bic Bands and Skinny Meg is a fan of Brady Bands.  The Brady Bands were cheaper and I am ever the skeptic about headbands so I decided to give them a whirl.  Plus a portion of the proceeds go to fight childhood cancer. Win, win!


I wore the regular solid black one all day yesterday at school.  It NEVER budged people.  Not an inch.

(Please ignore my slightly cross eyed expression.  Self portraits are hard people.)

 I then wore the Black/White chevron skinny band to Zumba today.  Again-NEVER moved.  And trust me-I shake what my mama gave me and shake it hard. 

If you've been on the search like me please check them out. Tons of cute patterns and colors.  They're great for working out or just normal everyday wear. 

***I'm not being paid by this company in anyway. I just like sharing good products :)

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