Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brady Bands aka The Bomb Diggity

Ever since I have been working out-heck ever since I have been in charge of my own hair-I have been on the lookout for a headband that WILL. NOT. SLIP.

This is a hard commodity to come by.  I cannot stand to have my hair in my face and likewise cannot stand to wrestle with a headband that keep richocheting off my head like a rocket or puddling around my neck.  I've tried cloth ones, elastic ones, plastic ones, ones lined with "non-slip" grip-lies I tell you, all lies!  Either my hair is the slipperiest stuff in the world or I really work my follicles when I exercise.  Or breath.

Well two of my favorite bloggers- Mama Laughlin & Skinny Meg -recommended similar style headbands and swore by them so I decided to give them a chance.  Mama Laughlin swears by Bic Bands and Skinny Meg is a fan of Brady Bands.  The Brady Bands were cheaper and I am ever the skeptic about headbands so I decided to give them a whirl.  Plus a portion of the proceeds go to fight childhood cancer. Win, win!


I wore the regular solid black one all day yesterday at school.  It NEVER budged people.  Not an inch.

(Please ignore my slightly cross eyed expression.  Self portraits are hard people.)

 I then wore the Black/White chevron skinny band to Zumba today.  Again-NEVER moved.  And trust me-I shake what my mama gave me and shake it hard. 

If you've been on the search like me please check them out. Tons of cute patterns and colors.  They're great for working out or just normal everyday wear. 

***I'm not being paid by this company in anyway. I just like sharing good products :)

Monday, February 25, 2013


The constant eating healthy and working out and on and on can get old.  And tiring.  But every so often there are big rewards that push you on and motivate you to keep going.

Today a co-worker shared with me that she thought I was looking so good.  She prefaced it with "not that I looked bad before" but that I was really looking good now.  There was no need to preface it-I know what she means. I do look better than the 30+ pounds heavier and definitely less toned person of a year ago. She even hugged me and was so excited and I think even a little proud.

And (besides almost making me cry) it really motivated me and made me think all this work is worth it. 

So if you get the chance today or tomorrow or next month-tell someone you know who is working hard to achieve a goal-any goal-good job.  Give them a hug or a pat on the back or a word of encouragement.  You never know how a few minutes of your time can affect someone.

Friday, February 22, 2013


The Beatles sang it.  God commanded it.  Books, movies and songs promote it.

And it's true.


And it's all that really matters.  In Sunday School last week on of our teachers shared what she had learned in her Bible Study.  It really stuck with me and had popped into my head several times over the last week when I have struggled with someone or something.
"Love Others and Love God"

If you focus on those two things and actually do them, everything else will fall into place.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stretched Thin (if only!)

Ever have one of those days, weeks, months that just makes you want to curl up on the couch in sweats with your dogs and not move or speak or do anything but watch mindless television for hours? Maybe even days?

Yeah I'm having one now.  See lately my social life has, shall we say, blossomed. I've always had one but lately my friend group has expanded.  Which leads to more social experiences and responsibilities.  Which leads to me being slightly overwhelmed and generally exhausted.

For example: This week I have worked out with my Zumba friends, went running with my running friend, have a Homemakers meeting tonight with those friends, am having to skip Bible Study with church friends due to aforementioned meeting, tomorrow its running again and then somehow this weekend my 5k/church friends and I are supposed to decorate shirts for our team.  Not to mention church, Sunday School, post church lunch.  Whew.  That was exhausting just to type.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love all these new experiences and cherish the time I get to spend with all these different groups of people.  I feel like I learn from them all in different ways.  And frankly I have a great time with all of them too.

But I'm tired.  I ain't 21 anymore folks.  Lately I feel like my house is more like a motel/restaurant that I run through, eat, sleep and shower in.  And I'm overwhelmed.  I'm starting to feel like my week is a giant checklist I can never get completed.  Reading for Bible study, reading the Bible, Sunday School lesson, exercise classes, running to prep for 5K, school, school responsibilities, blogging, time with friends, time with family-the list goes on.  And again, I am blessed to have all these opportunities, all these people in my life.  And these things on the list are all good and important things.  They matter. And yes, I realize if I didn't get on Facebook or Twitter or whatever mindless entertainment I occupy time with each day time would open up more for these things.  But a girl needs a break people!

I am tired. It's an excuse and it's whining but it's a fact Jack.  And I realize that this whole post has been wild and rambling-maybe that will give you a clue as to what my life feels like lately.

So I am going to try to slow down and focus up (i.e. on God). I read that on a blog I follow and it's a great way to think.  Because that's whats really important.  Honoring Him, praising Him, following His plan.  Taking time to listen.  Instead of talk so much-not easy for me but necessary.  Hopefully it will help.

I mean doesn't even Aesop tell us-slow and steady wins the race?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Countdown to Color

It's here-looming ever closer.  Exactly 10 days till I stick on my first ever race bib and line up with my friends to run a 5K.  And while the competative person in me would like to finish with blazing speed, I am being realistic.  I will be glad to finish in a respectable time.  If I have to walk I have to walk.  And this will prepare me for my next race, a Mother's Day 5K.  It will let me know what to expect and how to better prepare.

  But most of all I am excited for the memories and to look like this:

Who wouldn't be?

I'm excited to pick up my first ever race packet, my Color Me Rad shades and tee.

I'm excited to decorate our team t-shirts this weekend and plan out all white outfits for optimal color saturation. 

I'm excited.

And that in and of itself is pretty exciting too.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stuck in a Rut

I am stuck.  And frustrated.  And still stuck.  

My scale for the last two weeks (and actually way longer than that but since I've been back on track for two weeks those are the only weeks that have frustrated me!) and I HAVE HAD IT.

I've changed up the diet.  I've added different exercise, more exercise.  And nothing is happening.  Except the frustration.

I wish I could be at a point where the scale didn't matter.  But I'm not.  I have too much farther to go.  My body may have convinced itself that it is happy here but I am freaking not. 

This plateau has got to go.  Far away from me and with speed and haste.

I'm not sure what to do but something has to give. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Music In Me

I consider myself a HUGE music fan.  It is a massive part of my life and has been since...well birth.  I come by it naturally.  My mother sings, all the time and loves all music.  My father plays guitar, mandolin, and a little banjo and piano.  He also loves to sing.  Their tastes are diverse and vary from each other which gave me great exposure to lots of styles.  Which in turn led to my own very eclectic taste.  My iPod has everything from Gospel to County to Broadway to Rap to Hip Hop to Folk and on and on.

(side note: I cannot over-express my all consuming love for my iPod.  Thousands of songs in one teeny tiny little place.  Ahhhh-magic. It is a music lovers dream!)

I identify with music.  I think a lot of people do and often it can speak to someone or reach someone in times when words or actions may fail.  Music can more readily make me feel emotion, cry or laugh or get angry, more quickly and more honestly than just about anything.  It's the thing I turn to to comfort me or join me when I am sad, happy, mad, joyful.  I have certain songs I turn to when I am having a great day and likewise songs that can instantly put me in a good mood.  Same goes for the opposite spectrum of emotion.

My church incorporates a lot of music into their services which is something I really enjoy and that really made me feel at home there.  Because I feel closest to God and feel like I am truly worshipping him when I sing.  I feel happiest and most blessed when I hear the collective voices of the congregation raising in song and praising the Lord.  We had some special music yesterday-a bluegrass medley of traditional hymns to kick off the service that was a break from the usual contemporary Christian offerings (which I also enjoy).  And I loved it.  Every single second.  My toes were tapping and I was singing my heart out and in that moment I really feel like I was worshipping as God intended.  It was a great moment for me for God.

Since I am a music person I live with the constant curse of getting a song stuck in my head.  I am like a living, breathing, walking juke box.  Anyone that knows me well can attest to this and also tell you that likewise I am usually singing the songs in my head. 

I'm not crazy.  My mother had me tested. #BBT #Bazinga

This Sunday's music has gotten put into rotation and I have had "I'll Fly Away" and "Victory in Jesus" in particular on repeat since yesterday.  They will likely remain there for days, maybe even weeks. And so you too can get them good and lodged in your brain or even have your own little mini worship this morning I offer you, "I'll Fly Away"-two versions (bluegrass for those so inclined, Jars of Clay for those not so inclined)

 Enjoy and Happy Monday!

**In other news if anyone has a version of "Victory in Jesus" they just absolutely love let me know! I cannot find one I really like on iTunes.  Thanks!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

3 Miles!!! and a F.F.F. Breakdown

Well I have been sticking like glue to my plan for this week.  The scale this morning showed no weight results but hopefully I have at least been getting in better shape.  I ran/walked 3 miles yesterday in about 45 minutes-not a fantastic time but not awful either.  I had a running buddy for it which helps-it brings out the competitive side of me and also helps keep me on pace.  And honestly, the 3 miles was not as bad as I thought it would be!

On to a F.F.F breakdown:

Fitness: I have hit it hard this week.  I ran a mile & Zumba'ed Monday, ran a mile & went to Dance Fit class Tuesday, ran my 3 yesterday and intend to go to Zumba tonight.  I also looked in to the next session of a boot camp I have gone to in the past.  It kicks off March 4 right after my 5K so I think I'll start that back to mix things up for my body. 

Faith: I have been really good this week about reading my Bible in One Year plan, journaling and tonight am participating in a Bible study group with some girls from church.  Via Facetime since they live in Lexington.  Should be interesting :)  We are reading The Purpose Driven Life-which is very thought provoking.  I'm on Day 6 and so far, I like it. 

Fun: Fun this week for me has been exercising-always a party. :) I also was giddy with anticipation of the newest New Girl-any other fans?  It is my FAVORITE show-I always actually lol-which is rare.  This week's episode did not disappoint but I hope they don't let the whole Nick and Jess storyline fade away.  I have definite issues but I could see myself with a Nick.  Oh dear.

And that's the wrap up/break down for now.
Peace out homies and Happy almost Friday ;)

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Superbowl, The Agony of Ice Skates and Getting Back on Track (long enough title for you?)

Whew what a weekend-since becoming more active at church and expanding my social circle my weekends seemed to gone from a time to recoup and relax from the week to a whirlwind of activity that needs another weekend to recover from.

It started out, luckily, with a relaxing snow day on Friday.  Thank goodness or I really don't think I could have pushed through my Super Bowl hangover this morning.  But I digress...

Saturday a large group of friends from church decided to go ice skating.   Which I have never done.  Which is crazy hard people-except apparently not for five year old whiz kids who raced by me like Apollo Anton Ohno chasing down the gold.  Nothing like feeling horribly incompetent at a sport children can master with ease.   Good for the pride.  Luckily one of our friends took pity on me clinging desperately to the wall and pin wheeling my arms like a fool and gave me a few instruction that helped. I am happy to report that by the end of the evening I was off the wall, skating with reasonable skill for a first timer and only fell once-sadly while I was just standing there but still, only once.

*May I add here that rented, old, look like they've been chewed on by a dog, ice skates HURT people.  I think I could have done better if not for the screaming pain induced by those savage things.

So, skating survived, I crashed that night with some friends that live in Lexington, the same time as my church.  We got up, made it through church and Sunday School and then lunched at a delightful Italian place.  Where I had pizza.  On top of the spaghetti the night before at Carrino's.  To be accompanied by Super Bowl chip and dip and chili spaghetti with my parents later that night.  So to say I had a bad weekend eating wise is a gross understatement. 

So it's Monday and its back on track for both diet and exercise.  I have resurrected the use of the My Fitness Pal app (a great calorie tracker that is easy to use and free!) and am sticking to a workout plan.  I have been working out a lot but my diet has been, well, not so hot and a few pounds have crept back on so it's really what needs tweaking.  So today here's the plan:

*healthy eating
*calorie tracking
*M-run a mile, Zumba
  T-run a mile, Dance Fit class
  W-run/walk 3 miles
  R-run a mile, Zumba
*stay positive, stay motivated, stay ON TRACK!!

What are some things that help you get back on track or stay on track?