Monday, February 25, 2013


The constant eating healthy and working out and on and on can get old.  And tiring.  But every so often there are big rewards that push you on and motivate you to keep going.

Today a co-worker shared with me that she thought I was looking so good.  She prefaced it with "not that I looked bad before" but that I was really looking good now.  There was no need to preface it-I know what she means. I do look better than the 30+ pounds heavier and definitely less toned person of a year ago. She even hugged me and was so excited and I think even a little proud.

And (besides almost making me cry) it really motivated me and made me think all this work is worth it. 

So if you get the chance today or tomorrow or next month-tell someone you know who is working hard to achieve a goal-any goal-good job.  Give them a hug or a pat on the back or a word of encouragement.  You never know how a few minutes of your time can affect someone.

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