Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stretched Thin (if only!)

Ever have one of those days, weeks, months that just makes you want to curl up on the couch in sweats with your dogs and not move or speak or do anything but watch mindless television for hours? Maybe even days?

Yeah I'm having one now.  See lately my social life has, shall we say, blossomed. I've always had one but lately my friend group has expanded.  Which leads to more social experiences and responsibilities.  Which leads to me being slightly overwhelmed and generally exhausted.

For example: This week I have worked out with my Zumba friends, went running with my running friend, have a Homemakers meeting tonight with those friends, am having to skip Bible Study with church friends due to aforementioned meeting, tomorrow its running again and then somehow this weekend my 5k/church friends and I are supposed to decorate shirts for our team.  Not to mention church, Sunday School, post church lunch.  Whew.  That was exhausting just to type.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love all these new experiences and cherish the time I get to spend with all these different groups of people.  I feel like I learn from them all in different ways.  And frankly I have a great time with all of them too.

But I'm tired.  I ain't 21 anymore folks.  Lately I feel like my house is more like a motel/restaurant that I run through, eat, sleep and shower in.  And I'm overwhelmed.  I'm starting to feel like my week is a giant checklist I can never get completed.  Reading for Bible study, reading the Bible, Sunday School lesson, exercise classes, running to prep for 5K, school, school responsibilities, blogging, time with friends, time with family-the list goes on.  And again, I am blessed to have all these opportunities, all these people in my life.  And these things on the list are all good and important things.  They matter. And yes, I realize if I didn't get on Facebook or Twitter or whatever mindless entertainment I occupy time with each day time would open up more for these things.  But a girl needs a break people!

I am tired. It's an excuse and it's whining but it's a fact Jack.  And I realize that this whole post has been wild and rambling-maybe that will give you a clue as to what my life feels like lately.

So I am going to try to slow down and focus up (i.e. on God). I read that on a blog I follow and it's a great way to think.  Because that's whats really important.  Honoring Him, praising Him, following His plan.  Taking time to listen.  Instead of talk so much-not easy for me but necessary.  Hopefully it will help.

I mean doesn't even Aesop tell us-slow and steady wins the race?

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