Friday, April 5, 2013

Top Five Friday

Soooo.....I haven't posted since last weeks TFF. And when you see the topic of this week's you'll understand why :)

Top Five Things I Did On Spring Break:

(see, I was on break, from everything, blogging included)

#1-spent a day (or two) doing NOTHING.  Vegging out, watching Tv, being lazy.  Those days are necessary and oh so nice from time to time.

#2-spent a day with my Dad at the barn doing some spring cleaning including pulling out old fence, repairing stalls, hauling hay, cleaning out stalls and hauling shavings, etc.   Which reminded me how much I love the barn and my horses.  I love the sound of horses eating in the morning.  The smell of fresh bedding in stalls.  Ahhh the life of a horse girl.

#3-A day with my girls shopping, lunching, watching The Host (that Stephanie Meyers has some issues ya'll!) then eating dessert, then dinner in that order.  Insert lots of laughs and fun.  So blessed to have these girls in my life.

#4-A day at home cleaning EVERYTHING.  Thrilling I know, but its super nice to be going back to school next week with everything spic and span, laundry caught up and to not have to worry about it.

#5-This is not happening until tomorrow but a cookout with friends including some corn hole and roasted marshmallows? yes please.

It wasn't wild and crazy but it was a relaxing and productive break.  I would have liked to go somewhere tropical but maybe next year.  I will go back to school feeling re-energized and ready to head down the backstretch of this school year. 

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