Thursday, April 25, 2013

M is for Mint

I am digging, and I mean digging, the bright colors of spring clothes right now.  Corals, mints, pinks, yellows-all gorgeous.  I am also loving, that for the first time in my life I am comfortable enough with my body to explore the colored pants/capris explosion that is currently happening.  I may or may not have purchased a mint pair of capris, a dark coral pant and a lighter coral capri this weekend.  This losing weight/feeling more confident in my clothes thing has not been kind to my bank account.

Today I am rocking a look I saw on another blog I follow that I loved.  Mint & denim.

I love mint.  I think it looks so crisp and clean and classy.  The problem?  Apparently I have "witch undertones" in my skin (30 Rock?? Liz Lemon anyone?) that makes me appear tres Wicked Witch of the West whenever this beautiful color is near my face.  I have tried on a blue million mint tops this spring in the desperate home one particular shade variation will work.  Yeah, no.  So I decided to try pants-and voila!  No witchy skin (probably partly due to the rocking playground tan I am pimping).  I paired the pants with a denim shirt I already had-one of several-I love denim-I'll admit it.  I then threw on my favorite pair of silver sandals from Rack Room Shoes-they go with everything, and what they don't match the identical bronze pair I have does :)

And to top it all off this fabulous mint ring from Maurice's that I bought before I had anything to possibly wear it with.

I'm digging it-what's your favorite style/color this spring?  I am loving pretty much everything from the colors to the styles and the oh so lovely dresses.  I was never happier to put away my drab winter clothes-how about you?

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