Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up

So I am kind of in a blogging lull.  Don't really feel like I have a ton to say so I'll just do a little FFF catching up.

Fitness=frustration!  I am having a horrible time lately.  I am sticking to a diet and working out like crazy but am either maintaining or, this week, gaining! AHHHH!  So I am cracking down and allowing myself NO cheat days, upping my cardio, tracking calories on My Fitness Pal and upping my already large water intake.  Hopefully I can break through this never ending plateau soon.  My body is very happy here-I am not.

Faith-I made my public declaration of faith last Sunday and am getting baptized in April.  It was, obviously, one of the biggest moments in my life and was terrifying and amazing all at once. I think I am still processing.  All I can say is that the people at my church are some of the most amazing, supportive and encouraging I've ever met and I am blessed to be becoming a member there.

Fun-Fitness and Faith sometimes leave little time for the third F.  Saw "The Call" this weekend with friends.  Oh my goodness! I recommend it but will also say I was a nervous wreck leaving the theater and could have thrown up.  I will also say my female friends and I are now planning on taking both self-defense classes and concealed carry classes following this viewing.  It was far too scary in a realistic, this could happen to me, way.

I am also now firmly obsessed with all things Duck Dynasty-I held out a long time but after one episode I was hooked.  It is fantastic.  Check it out if you haven't already. And for the rest of the week....

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