Friday, May 17, 2013

Top 5 Friday-Top 5 End of the Year Moments

1.  Quiz Show Day in my class-the question:
If a woman in a wedding is called a bride, what do you call the man?
Student A-Honey?
Student B-A Prince?
Student A-Dear?
I had to call an official time out to collect myself.

2. The looks on my kids faces and their squeals and giggles as I blasted them with a hose on water day :) I enjoyed it too ;)

3. The 3 boys who told me that they had it figured out.  I teach a K/1 split and "since I teach first grade too they will just stay with me next year ok?"

4. Field Day-the exhaustion, the joy!

5. My kiddos screaming my name and becoming militant in my defense during a game of teacher vs. teacher capture the flag.

Happy End of the Year (or almost) to all my fellow teachers out there! Stay strong-we've almost made it!

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