Thursday, May 9, 2013

Link Up! Finish the sentence....


My best friend says... that I can make her laugh.  And that we get each others weird movie obsessed nerd humor.

People call me... Lindsay, Linds, Linda, Leslie, Ms. Oliver, the Oliver, Squirrel (don't ask)

The best part of my day... running with my peeps, down time with my doggies, rare but lovely

I really don't understand... selfish, mean people.  And I hope I never do.

I get really annoyed... people post TMI on Facebook.  We don't need to see your kids poop, hear about your sex life or your latest surgery.

There's nothing like a... sleeping in, a good book, a good movie, a good laugh.

Lately, I can't get enough... food.  Ravenous, thanks to my uterus and Aunt Flo.

One thing I am NOT is... late.  Ever.  I have been referred to as "obnoxiously on time".  I fail to see how this trait can be obnoxious.

I spent too much money on... clothes lately. Being skinny(er) has not been kind to my bank account.
I want to learn.... to be a true runner. And to play the piano. 

If I ever met Jake in real life , I would... give him a hug.

I can't stop... watching Duck Dynasty.  That's a fact Jack.

Never have I ever... gotten arrested.  Rule follower here ladies and gents.

Reese Witherspoon... is disappointingly imperfect. 

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