Monday, May 13, 2013

J is for Jennie Carol 5K!

So I ran 5k number 2 Saturday.

It was supposed to be run with one of my friends and her hubby.  And as is my luck (and hers) said friend turned up injured knocking both she and hubby out of race.  So I had to run it alone.  With had me about as excited as a trip to the dentist-ok I love the dentist so that's not a good analogy.  A trip to the doctor.  That I hate.

Anyway I digress.  I was not looking forward to running on my lonesome but I had paid my money and I am nothing is not a cheapskate.  So I was running.  In what is becoming a pattern for 5k's and me the weather was crap.  My first 5K it snowed-this one? Cool with a drizzly rain.  That really added to my lack of excitement.

I showed up in my official shirt plugged in my ear buds and hoped for the best.  On my first 5K although there was no official time my friends and I ran it in about 45 minutes. My goal was just to beat that.

I started out strong and was at 22 min 2 miles in. Which is really really good for me.  I usually do about a 12 min mile.  I was right at 11.  The last mile about killed me though.  It was a tough course with lots of hills.  As I rounded the last turn to the stadium where the race ended I could see my time on the scoreboard-30 min.  I thought, good Lord, I'm flying.  I thought this because I thought I was at the end. Not so.  In a cruel twist they made you double back on the road before turning into the stadium for the final lap and the finish line.  I sprinted out the last few yards and crossed the line with a time of 35.28.  TEN MINUTES OFF MY LAST TIME PEOPLE! AND ALL BY MYSELF!!!

To say I was proud was an understatement.  Apparently all the running and walking and boot camp has paid off. Now let's see if I can shave another ten off next time!

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