Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Top Five: Smells!

Driving home from Bible study last night with the windows down the smell of fresh cut hay started drifting through the car.  One of the 5 million reasons I love living in the county.  It prompted me to write on Facebook that fresh cut hay was one of my top five favorite smells.  Which led me to wonder, what are my other four?  In no particular order I offer you....

My Top 5 Favorite Smells!!!!

#1- Fresh cut hay!

#2-Babies ready for bed all baby lotioned and powdered up-ahhh!

#3-Horse feed-the fact that animal meals make up two of my favorite smells should tell you 1) how much time I've spent in a barn in my life & 2) just how big a country girl I am

#4-Fresh laundry-particularly if its been line dried. 

#5-A good smelling man-one with just enough cologne you can smell it but not so much you fear he is an extra in an Axe commerical.  Best.  Smell.  Ever.

Those are my top 5!  Can I get an Amen?  Or a heck no?  What are yours?

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