Sunday, June 9, 2013

R is for Rant

Today...I shall rant.  If you'd rather not read, fine.  Pretty sure you don't anyway.  

Subject? start-MEN.

What's wrong with them?  Seriously?  Every time I think there is the slightest hope for one of them, a valiant member of team Y chromosome steps up to reassure me that yes, they are all jerks.  And are, quite possibly, incapable of 1) acting like MEN not children/boys/infantile idiots and 2) understanding emotion in theirselves, others or in general.

And I realize that I am writing in gross generalizations and know that yes, there are a few good ones but to be perfectly honest they are few and VERY far between, particularly in my generation.  

Rant #2-Why is it a truth universally recognized that if A) you are interested in someone they are almost certainly not interested in you and B) if someone is interested in you it is often someone you wish didn't even know you existed?  Why I ask??? Why???

Rant #3-Why is being good so hard and being bad so very easy?  And why do people who try to do good and be good and spread good struggle with guilt over the slightest slip but the ogres of the world feel not one apparent moment of remorse for their actions.  Or inactions.  

Why am I ranting about this on a page that I am pretty sure no one reads and that if anyone does will make me seem like a bitter, angry hag.  Because sometimes-you just got to get the rants out there.   Even if it is to no one.  Or everyone. 

Rant on sisters.

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